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    Project-Based Learning

    A realistic approach for a learner-centric classroom

  • More than PBL

    Project-Based Learning in a learner-centric environment

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  • The Approach

    We learn by doing and reflecting. Atmosphere matters. Participants take multiple perspectives as they explore and practice PBL techniques. This workshop is organic in nature allowing the content to move at the rate of the participants.


    New to PBL or looking to expand your PBL practice? You will walk away with next steps based on your current reality in the classroom. Learning is a process.


    This workshop demonstrates the idiom "practice what you preach." Each participant will engage in discussion, create a documentation journal and work through the project experience from Project Wall to final product presentation.

  • The Content

    Activating Learning

    Mind, body and voice

    Learner Ownership

    Student voice in all aspects of the class space

    Project Wall

    Set-up, filling in, maintaining and importance

    Parts of a Project

    Entry Event, Driving Question, Deep Inquiry, Subject Areas, Product


    Rubrics and checklists for learner growth and 

    teacher growth

    Documenting Learning

    Asking questions, sharing, connecting learning;

    Make learning visible

  • How It Works

    Every goal is really a point on the journey


    Consultation and Booking

    Exploratory call to understand school goals and current PBL and learner-centric practices and then secure a booking. Cost is determined by circumstance.


    Live or Virtual Immersive Workshop

    Live workshops: I am in your school for up to 6 hours.

    Virtual Immersive: I am on screen with a local facilitator in your school.


    Facebook Group Support

    Upon completion, all attendees will be invited to join our FB group where workshop materials are available and continued discussion is encouraged.

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    Quanticopia by Renee Rainville

    York, United Kingdom

    Renee has a BS is Early Childhood and Elementary Education. During her career as an educator, she has been at the forefront of new methodologies participating in pilot programs in the USA and Mexico. Her background in socio-constructivist and project-based learning has taken her to work with students, teachers and business people in over 10 countries. Her interest and respect for cultures has led her to live in Mexico, Qatar and the UK.

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    e-Services and Technologies

    Local Partner in Karachi, Pakistan

    E-services and Technologies is a technology driven educational services organisation which develop, employ, and manage quality projects and programs in the field of education. Our focus is to bring quality international educational opportunities to Pakistan and to support and develop local educational opportunities /Institutions.

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